How Adjustable Bases Can Alleviate Common Sleep Issues and Enhance Comfort

Getting a quality night’s sleep doesn’t have to require a full-service hotel and spa. You can bring home the ability to support your back and alleviate many of the common health issues we all experience during the evening hours with adjustable bases for your bed.

At Mattress Star, we provide a wide range of power bases from TEMPUR-Ergo to MLILY to Flex Plus. All these brands and models ensure you get the support needed for a restful and rejuvenating night of sleep. Let’s review some of the ways these adjustable bases help your health concerns.

Customized Comfort for Improved Sleep

The first advantage you’ll notice when jumping into an adjustable bed and base is its ability to uniquely conform to the body positions you enjoy the most. Unlike static “normal” beds that are flat, these bases adjust by emphasizing various angles, offering you tailored support no matter if you want to read, sleep, or simply lay back and relax. That customization is all some need to get incredible sleep. 

Reducing Snoring and Enhancing Breathing

Snoring is not fun for anyone. It can lead to breathing problems when you’re dozing on your own and makes for a challenging environment for your partner trying to catch a few winks before tomorrow’s workday. With adjustable bases, you get a simple yet effective solution. Now, you can raise the upper body so it is elevated, preventing you from lying flat on your back. That elevation supports your neck and promotes better airflow – reducing the potential for snoring.

Alleviating Aches and Pains

Chronic or acute pain can severely disrupt sleep. It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time athlete or recovering from a recent injury; adjustable bases provide relief by allowing you to adjust the bed to a position that reduces pressure and discomfort. For example, you can improve any back issues by elevating the head or reduce spinal stress by raising your feet.

Settling Acid Reflux and Digestive Comfort

Eating late is a habit for many. Even the healthiest foods can lead to acid reflux if you’re not too careful about your timing. Learning how to mitigate these effects is much easier when you use an adjustable base. You can elevate your upper body so acid is restricted from traveling back up your esophagus, reducing the reflux symptoms.

Enhancing Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation can lead to discomfort and health issues. You want your blood to flow freely so you have proper heat regulation and can send necessary internal resources where needed for a healthier, happier lifestyle. Anyone suffering from swelling in their legs, for example, can benefit from an adjustable base that elevates the lower half of the body. 

Final Thoughts

At Mattress Star, we provide a wealth of adjustable bed options that ensures you get the proper support for posture alignment and many other health benefits.  

Visit our local store in Glendale or explore our products online. Our experienced sales team is ready to answer any questions you may have about how these fantastic sleeping options will help you make it through the night feeling fully rejuvenated.