The Role of Orthopedic Neck Pillows in a Therapeutic Sleep Strategy

An orthopedic neck pillow offers additional support and comfort to your neck when you want to lie down and rest or sleep. People who have arthritis, neck pains, or any other neck-related health conditions can benefit from using orthopedic neck pillows.

The orthopedic neck pillow must accompany a comprehensive therapeutic sleep strategy if you want to overcome insomnia or other sleep-related conditions. Below are the top five ways orthopedic neck pillows can fit into a therapeutic sleep strategy.

1) Head and Spine Alignment

Aligning the neck and spine is one of the most effective ways an orthopedic neck pillow improves sleep. When you lie down and sleep on the side of your head and body, the orthopedic neck pillow will keep your head and neck aligned with your spine. Your head will not sink into the pillow and curve your neck like standard feather-based pillows.

Head and spine alignment makes it easier to fall asleep because it alleviates neck pain and discomfort. Not only that, but it improves your posture for when you get out of bed as well. Then, you can walk or sit during the day and feel less neck discomfort and pain.

2) Avoids Pressure Points

Orthopedic neck pillows put less pressure on your muscles and nerves as you lie your neck and head on them. Less pressure means less stress and strain on the most sensitive points of your muscles, nerves, and joints, resulting in fewer aches and pains in these areas.

Avoiding pressure points is also the best way to prevent injury or worsening damage to existing strained areas. There may even come a moment when you recover from the strain and feel no more pain or discomfort whatsoever. That is when it will be easier than ever to fall asleep.


3) Balance of Firmness and Comfort

The ideal pillow must balance firmness and comfort to support the neck and head enough to feel comfortable and help you fall asleep. Never sleep on a pillow too firm or soft because each can have adverse effects on your sleep quality, joints, and nerves.

Orthopedic neck pillows are made to have the proper balance of firmness and comfort. The firmness level prevents your head from sinking, while the softness level provides the comfort you expect from a pillow. You get the best of both in an orthopedic neck pillow.


4) Breathable Materials

Orthopedic neck pillows are made from breathable materials like ventilated latex and gel-infused memory foam. These materials contain advanced cooling technologies designed to increase airflow and reduce overheating as you sleep. Increased air circulation makes it much easier to fall asleep and less likely to stay up tossing and turning all night.

5) Increased Blood Flow

Do you often get headaches when you sleep on ordinary pillows? Orthopedic neck pillows help solve this problem by increasing blood flow to your head as you sleep. Because of this, you’re less likely to develop headaches in the middle of the night and more likely to get a good night’s sleep.