The Caserta Luxury X Firm 13"



Delight in an enchanting world of true luxury and modern comfort.

Key Features 

  • Lustrous Royal Knit: The finest Viscose & Supima cotton fibers unite to create a free-flowing, sumptuously soft to the touch quilted panel fabric that smoothly glides you into deep sleep.
  • Joma Wool: Our all-natural Joma Wool® is sourced from farms across New Zealand where the animals and environment are treated with the utmost care. It’s perfected crimping process has been described as magical because it creates a resilient, ultra-soft, and lofty comfort that is beyond compare.

  • High Density Foam: This exceedingly durable foam creates a supportive base that enhances the upper luxury material layers, protects against sagging, and ensures a long-lasting unmistakeable comfort.
  • Portrait Encased Coils: 13.75 gauge encased coils provide the classic foundational supportive “muscle” that Chattam has always been praised for. The solid feeling is enhanced even more by our signature portrait encasement providing greater edge-to-edge sleeping with no roll-off.

Comfort & Support Materials

  • Lustrous Royal Knit
  • Joma Wool
  • High Density Convoluted Foam
  • High Density Foam
  • 13.75 Gauge Portrait Encased Coils
  • Coil Count 720 in Queen
  • Mattress Height 13"

Design Details

  • 20 Hand Tailored Tufts
  • Self-Welt Tape Edge
  • Finely Woven Cotton Velvet Border
  • Custom Chesterfield Border Quilt
  • Bronze Chattam & Wells Emblem
  • Seat Belt Stitch Handles

Feel: Luxury X Firm

10 Years Non-Prorated Warranty

Verified Foam Quality & Safety

Adjustable Base Friendly

Proudly Handcrafted in the USA

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